You can do anything…

…but not everything.”

I want to make delicious and natural dinners every night of the week.

But I am only human.

I get home from work and I want to put comfortable clothes on and unwind.

And sometimes I feel like this.

And so my search for quick and simple recipes is endless.


– Healthy

– Vegetarian

– Cheap!

– Easy

– Quick

In the summertime it is especially important to me to eat foods that will leave me feeling satisfied, but not stuffed.

Here is a fabulous recipe, from a fabulous source:

Quinoa and Black Bean Lettuce Wraps

Quinoa & Black Bean Lettuce Wraps

From “”

If you haven’t somehow heard, quinoa is awesome for you and additionally--gluten-free.

My go-to brand is Ancient Harvest (pictured below) and although the flavor is nearly identical, I personally love the Inca Red for its bright, beautiful color.

If you are intimidated by quinoa (pronounce keen-wha) Whole Foods has an easy-to-follow tutorial here.  Trust me it is simple and easy!

And just remember…


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